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Craft Brewery Lending & Financing

From equipment purchases to business expansion and establishment, we can support your passion.

First Utah Bank is the #1 Craft Brewery Lender in Utah

Craft Breweries continues to grow across the country, with retail sales rising 7% in 2018; to $27.58 billion, according to the Brewers Association. Craft brewers now claim over 24% of the U.S. beer market, an increase despite the overall beer market being flat (pun intended). The craft brewery market continues to be ultra-competitive, with over 1,000 new small, independent breweries, micobreweries and brewpubs opening in 2018. That means the costs of doing business make all the difference in the success of a new or established brewery.

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At First Utah Bank, we specialize in the craft brewery industry, and we lead the way in craft brewery financing in Utah. We understand the unique laws and regulations surrounding alcohol production, distribution and sale here in Utah, and we can help you navigate the process. Our Executive team takes a hands-on approach with all of our clients, often making time to meet with potential business clients on Day One. No other financial institution gives your team such access. And because we are experts in the industry with years of experience, we can offer you the kind of advice that will save you time and money down the road; especially when it comes to efficiently designing your production facility to allow for future expansion.

Through our SBA Preferred Lender status, we can make quick decisions to help breweries establish themselves, expand by growing existing facilities or opening new ones, and acquisitions. We also have solutions for equipment purchase financing. Craft breweries in Utah choose First Utah Bank for a reason; our expert team of lenders and bankers are just as passionate about helping your business grow as you are. Whether you need financing for a Restaurant or BrewPub, Tavern, or manufacturing facility, we have the experience to help you every step of the way.

Lines of Credit

If you need to open a new brewery or expand an existing brewery, purchase new equipment, fund accounts receivable, or make improvements to buildings, we offer Lines of Credit that can help you in every area of your business growth.


Small Business Loan Experts

We are a leading lender for craft breweries in Utah, with over XXXXXXX in loans generated since XXXX. When you work with First Utah Bank, you don’t have to deal with layers of red tape; you’ll be working directly with the decision-makers who can get the deal done quickly.


Fast Approvals

Because First Utah Bank is a SBA Preferred Lender, with loan approval and closing authority, we can provide you with faster decisions, which allows you to focus your energy on day-to-day operations.


Types of Loans

We offer brewery financing options for equipment purchase, tenant improvements, business purchase and expansion, A/R and more.

  • Equipment financing
  • Conventional Loans
  • SBA 504 lending
  • SBA 7A Lending
  • USDA Lending
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Business and Personal Lines of Credit
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About First Utah Bank

First Utah Bank was founded in 1978 and has proudly served the Utah  community for over 40 years. From a single office, our bank has  grown to be the largest community bank headquartered in Millcreek.  We have six locations in Salt Lake County.

First Utah Bank is a true “community bank” which means that we are  locally owned and operated. We provide timely local decision making,  customized customer solutions, and customer access to the top decision  makers in our bank. All of our associates live and work in Utah. Most  of our customers have banked with us for years and many have been  referred to us by other customers.

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