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Marketing your business to more people in Utah

There are ways for any size of business to reach new customers. Having a marketing plan — and leveraging relevant technology— is now an essential part of any company’s business plan.

From utilizing social media to finding tools and technology, there are ways to ensure that prospects are always at your e-commerce doors — or your brick-and-mortar shop if that makes sense, too. It does take forethought and planning, but setting your sights on business goals next year is always a great investment in your future.

Another great investment is in tools for your treasury management. First Utah Bank offers ones that are secure and convenient for any business owner.

Build a great marketing toolkit

There are many different tools at your disposal to bring marketing up to date and try to reach more customers. The website Open PR has some advice on what businesses can do to strengthen their marketing. Here’s just a sample:

Refine targeting: Before you start with tactics, it’s important to outline your goals. Decide how many new customers or which demographic or area you want to place your focus. Do some research to find out how to reach them and then it will be easier to kickstart your marketing plan.

Use search tools: The Google website, in particular, has many tools that businesses can use, including a robust reviews section, analytical tools and promotional offers such as Adwords, which allows you to spend a little to get in front of more people.

Establish some partnerships: Consider joining relevant business groups in your area that will help with networking. This, in turn, could lead to some alliances that could elevate your stature.

Work on your SEO: That stands for search engine optimization. Having a strategy that maximizes search listings through use of keywords can be a game-changer.

Don’t forget about video: Some of the most popular content online right now is in video form. Finding ways to best visually represent your brand, and posting that media on your website as well as your social channels, can help entice people to buy your products.

Customer retention: There’s a lot of talk out there about getting new business, but it’s important to also keep existing customers happy. Marketing to your current base is vital and a great way to make loyalty to your business a big part of your success.

Working in the digital world

Digital marketing is, of course, the main pivot point that most businesses are using when it comes to finding new business. Having a robust e-commerce presence on your homepage to complement your social media is now a must-have for any business. The website CustomerThink has some advice for businesses planning their strategy for digital marketing. Among the tactics they advise:

Add voice search: With the explosion in voice recognition devices in homes and the continued use of voice-recording on phones to text, it’s a good idea to make sure your website is optimized for voice searches. Include keywords that you know will help people find your services and products fast and easily.

Make things more personal: By looking at the potential personas of your customer base, you can tailor specific offers to people who visit your site or through targeted emails.

Add reviews to your site: This is called “social proof” in the marketing industry, and having a third party singing your business’ praises is an important way to get more people interested in what you have to offer.

Go live: There are ways with streaming platforms to reach more people through special events, such as Q&A sessions, special product demos or announcements, or interviews or hosted segments with expert employees.

Treasury management is a great part of the business banking mix

The digital world of marketing is one of the most important facets of doing business these days. Virtual tools are important for growth-minded businesses, and First Utah Bank also offers treasury management online in a highly secure way.

Having mobile business banking means a more flexible way to complete transactions and work go beyond just the standards of managing your money. It’s not only convenient, but with dual control, you also have the security you need to make sure your funds are always safe.

The mobile app can be an essential tool for fraud prevention, with it being easily detected and stopped all from your smartphone. There are also customized push alerts to let you know when important transactions are ready for your approval. It also uses several layers of authentication to provide the highest security possible.

Learn more about this service – as well as other business banking options available in Lehi – by visiting our website, or by calling First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.