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First Utah Bank’s Social Media Policy

We are excited to have a presence on social media that enables us to interact with our customers in a more personal way. In order to maintain a friendly, safe environment, and to ensure that your personal information is protected, below is a list of our expectations:

(1) Please do not post any of your personal information or account details on any First Utah Bank social media accounts. First Utah Bank will never ask you to provide personally identifiable information through any type of public channel.

(2) If you have questions about your First Utah Bank account or need assistance, please contact a First Utah Bank branch office. You can visit our Branch Locations page for a map of our locations and contact information for each.

(3) Content posted on First Utah Bank social media accounts for the purpose of driving traffic to a particular website for personal or monetary gain is not permitted, is considered spam and will be deleted.

(4) We encourage dialog on all First Utah Bank social media accounts, but request that you refrain from the use of offensive language, personal attacks, or general disrespect of others. We reserve the right to delete negative communication, at our discretion.

(5) Due to Federal law, First Utah Bank cannot accept comments from individuals under the age of 13.

(6) First Utah Bank does not endorse any comments made by its employees, unless they are an authorized social media representative of the Bank. If you are an employee of First Utah Bank, we welcome your participation through our social media channels, but request that you disclose your affiliation with the Bank whenever you submit a comment or question.

(7) First Utah Bank is not responsible for nor does it endorse any content posted by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or of third party sites/applications that may appear on our social media accounts.