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MobiMoney™ Card + Phone. Constant Control. Constantly Secure.

MobiMoney is a mobile app that offers you, the debit card holder, a convenient way to manage your card. MobiMoney gives you unprecedented control over how, when and where your payment cards are used. Here are just a few examples:

Turn Your Card On/Off
Have you ever gotten that uncomfortable feeling when you misplaced a card? MobiMoney lets you turn the card off while you look for it. Now, no one else can use the card. If they do, the transaction will be denied. Once you find the card and are ready to use it, turn it back on.

Get Notified Whenever Your Card Is Used To Make A Purchase
How cool would it be to get a notification as soon as your card is used for a large online purchase? MobiMoney delivers alerts directly to your iPhone or Android mobile device and lets you select the criteria used to generate the alerts. Be notified of every transaction or set your preferences right from the app.

Only Allow Transactions Around You
Now here’s an awesome feature. Let’s say you’re traveling and you want to make sure your card can be used only in stores where you are physically present. Turning on “My Location” control in MobiMoney and having your mobile phone in your possession will ensure that your in-store transactions are approved. Anyone else trying to use your card, in a different location, will have their in-store purchases denied.

Set Limits on Your Child’s Card
MobiMoney lets you control your child’s card and limit its usage to a specific location or geographic region. You can also limit the maximum amount that can be spent per transaction. Now your child can have a good time at the amusement park but cannot come home with the latest gaming console.

These are just a few examples on how MobiMoney can help you control and manage your cards. For more information, contact us.