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Expert advice on strengthening your Utah business side hustle

Maybe this is something that you can relate to when it comes to the current business world: Utah resident Kaitlyn Horne had to turn to her side business when her primary role at another company ended.

The ending turned happy for Horne. Her secondary business, a jewelry company called Onyx and Ash, doubled its revenue last year and brought in some much needed income. And, it all happened with what is concerned as hyperlocal commerce, businesses built for the local economy.

Recently, Utah Business detailed how some businesses and technology created in Utah is helping these side hustles thrive during these unusual economic times. Technology is also a big part of how we can help you at First Utah Bank, including an extensive online banking program that can give you security as well as the details you need to bank 24/7.

Getting some extra help with a fledgling business

The article talks about two different businesses created in the Beehive State that can help smaller entrepreneurs make their career dreams come true. Their app, Subvia, groups together these hyperlocal businesses in one place, making it easier for consumers to find what they need right in their own backyard.

Matt Moody, CTO for Subvia, says the app goes beyond just aggregating for a larger purpose. “If we’ve learned anything here over the last 10 months,” Moody says “[it’s] that stability is really critical to people.”

It’s an overall mindset shared by Chase Sexton, an account exec at Adobe who has started his own app to help small businesses. “I’m such a huge advocate for side hustles, Sexton says. “Even if it never grows into something huge, it teaches such foundational principles because the mindset of an owner is completely different than that of an employee,”

Sexton’s company is called Develop Bright, a website design and digital marketing agency strictly for smaller service-oriented companies. Sexton says it has been an eye-opener to see how people’s business needs have changed over the past year. “I wish every single person in America would start a side hustle because I think the world would be a little bit [of] a better place,” Saxton says. “It would motivate every other company to be a little bit more competitive. If you have an employee who can have that mindset of an owner, it only makes a more effective employee.”

Keeping the creativity alive during hard times

Unlike some other entrepreneurs, Saxton has kept his “day job” while also running Develop Bright. He says that it’s a different kind of fulfillment than the financial side that keeps him tied to both.

“Adobe has been really great to help me find that creativity and passion,” he adds. “Creativity keeps the mind busy which makes it so you can’t think ill thoughts, as funny as that sounds. That is super pivotal in my mind.”

One interesting Utah resident with a side hustle of his own has been Val Hale, executive director at the state’s office of economic development. He sells wood carvings online which he’s created, while still maintaining his work studying the growth of the state’s other businesses. “We live in a very stressful time right now,” Hale says. “Having something at home that you can do instead of just sitting around at the TV really helps your mental health.”

And then it’s back to Horne, who certainly knows the power of turning an artistic passion into something greater for your own livelihood. She advocates for others to take a similar risk.

“My biggest advice would be to just start,” she says. “It’s so easy to be like, ‘Oh, well, what if we get too many orders in and don’t have enough inventory? Or what about this and what about this?’ You can run yourself into the ground and kill your own dream before you even get started worrying about all the what-ifs. Just start somewhere.”

Online banking brings peace of mind to Utah businesses

When it comes to beginning your own business, side hustle or main line of work, it’s important to online banking that is secure. First Utah Bank has options for any size business that bring convenience to this important step in your success.

First Utah Bank’s website for Internet Banking starts with an easy-to-use log-in with a greater streamlined process from before that still offers the highest levels of security for your data. If you are part of the bank’s Treasury Management program, you also can use the online portal for 24/7 access to all of our services.

Whether you need to check the financial status of an account from your phone app, or you want to make a remote deposit, First Utah Bank’s remote access makes it into a simple process. To learn more about what we have to offer, go to our website or call First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.