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Free business checking is one way to make Utah business go smoothly

When it comes to running your own business, one of the aspects that is elusive for some to control is the company culture. Making your place of business a fantastic experience for employees at all levels can definitely be a challenge, as culture takes time to truly develop.

Utah Business has posted an interesting roundtable featuring top human resources leaders in the Beehive State. They discuss a lot of the little things that mean a lot when it comes to providing a great atmosphere in the workplace.

When it comes to managing the banking side of things, First Utah Bank also has a process that can help your small business run at its best: free business checking. Businesses in Salt Lake City and all around the state are taking advantage of this special offer.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading these interesting stories and advice on how to have a great company culture, no matter the size of your business:

Honesty still is the best policy

One of the most important ways you can show that your company cares about its culture is to make sure that leaders and employees have open communication lines. Michelle Vargas, the Senior Vice President of HR for HireVue, said that company perks are just one facet of offering a good culture for your employees.

“Employees really look at what that relationship is with their team, with their leader, and how they feel about how they are valued, how they are recognized, and what opportunities they have to grow and develop,” Vargas said at the roundtable, according to the magazine. “And that’s what creates a good culture. That’s what makes people want to stay in a company and really be a part of something that they feel like is important to them.”

Similarly, Ancestry Senior People Manager Salena Blocker said that being genuine about wanting a good company culture is important. “It’s like, ‘Hey, this is what everyone thinks our culture is’ and then when you have an interview or something, people ask, ‘So what’s it really like?’” Blocker said. “ I think the more in line and true to that culture, to that brand that you are putting out there, the more that your leaders are actually walking that walk and talking that talk and the more genuine it is, the more … people will be attracted to that.”

Ways to keep people engaged

Talk about company culture often turns to employee satisfaction and how to make sure employees feel appreciated. Vargas said that one way to do this is to tell employees how their role fits into the company’s big picture.

“I think you guys have probably heard this story where the doctor made a big deal about this hospital janitor because he kept it clean so that people didn’t die from diseases or infections or things like that,” Vargas explained. “So everybody’s role, regardless of how it may appear, we all have an important role in the organization and everybody needs to understand that from the very beginning of their experience with the organization.”

Retention is also an important factor to consider, and one way that Brad Jensen, vice president of sales and client success at Motivosity, believes that can be achieved is by involving employees more in the culture itself.

“Each team member has different unique perspectives, insights, and experiences so if they feel something is lacking we need to create open dialogues and channels where they can facilitate,” Jensen said, according to the magazine. “If they are not dialoguing with us they have a greater opportunity to fail when it comes to retention.

“So then, once we facilitate a good open environment where people can talk openly and we can work together to solve minor issues or large issues, then we can have a positive workplace experience that attracts their referrals, their team members, other individuals that can see the product and environment.”

Salt Lake City success with free business checking

Small businesses clearly have plenty to think about, from creating a great company culture to always keeping on top of the daily, monthly and yearly expenses. If you have a business that averages fewer than 100 ACH debits and checks per month, free business checking can be a way to ease your mind and more effectively use your time to manage cash flow and your financial position.

With free business checking through First Utah Bank, there is no minimum balance requirement, and you can make unlimited deposits and debit card transactions. You also receive free internet and mobile banking. Plus, free business checking is FDIC-insured to the legal maximum.

If free business checking isn’t quite the right solution for your needs, there are other options including a commercial checking account that is good for higher transaction volumes and also gives you an earnings credit allowance based on your balances.

First Utah Bank can be your hometown solution for all of your business banking needs, giving you more time to concentrate on building a superior culture for your entire staff. Learn more at our business banking website, or call First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.