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How anyone can help Utah businesses that may be struggling

To say that there have been trying times in the early part of this year may be the understatement of this young 21st century.

One of the demographics that is being hit the hardest by the pandemic surrounding COVID-19 are small businesses. With some forced to close and others possibly working with skeleton crews to provide essential services, there are worries about funds and ways to stay afloat until things are back to normal.

The Provo Daily Herald has shared five great tips to follow when it comes to supporting locally-owned businesses. While it notes that some people have been thrown into difficult financial situations due to COVID-19, others can use their financial stability to help small and local businesses.

From gift cards to hitting the like button – ways you can help

Two of the Herald’s ideas involve direct action, spending money with those specific retailers and restaurants you’ve relied on in the past and want to support for the future. The other three ideas are more virtual, becoming a kind of marketer for these businesses and advocating for their services to your friends, followers and possible total strangers.

Here’s a look at those ways to help businesses during the current crisis:

Buy gift cards for yourself or others
During the time where people are focusing on social distancing, buying a gift card from a small business may be a great option. You can use them in the future, or use them online if the business has virtual shopping options. Gift cards can also be used for holiday or birthday gifts later this year. Also, check your favorite businesses’ websites or social media to see if they have any special offers.

Visit your fave restaurant – from your car

As the time of this writing, many restaurants are still able to offer takeout and sometimes delivery services for their items. It’s a great way to not only support your go-to places, but it can also be a relief from the grocery store food you may have purchased (or may not be able to find). It’s also possible that restaurants have cooked up special offers for those who are mostly homebound. Again, check the restaurant’s social media or website for details on how they can still serve you.

Rate a business or leave an online review
This is something that you can do even when times aren’t so tough. While it would be the best help to purchase merchandise from your favorite local or small business, you can at least go to Yelp or Google Reviews to leave some great words about their mix of offerings, their service or anything that would attract others to their business. All you need to do is go onto those services that list reviews and search for the names of the businesses you want to support.

Post some kind words on social media

This is another way that you can support and spread the word about businesses you like. Tell your own followers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter about the positive experience you’ve had with a business. It’s also a great way to provide some publicity speaking as a satisfied customer.

Follow those businesses and be active about sharing

Another way you can help out online is to follow a business on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. When one of them posts some new details on what they can offer customers, or just when they post something of interest, feel free to like or share what they are talking about. It’s a simple way to spread the word.

Mobile banking options for Utah businesses
There is a way that First Utah Bank is also helping small business, but with a tool that makes managing cash flow much easier and convenient.

A complimentary service of First Utah Bank for its business customers, mobile banking makes it easy to view transactions as well as see balances and deposits for a current day. You can also transfer funds between accounts, access Bill Pay and find any First Utah Bank branches or ATMs throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

It’s also a snap to use our Mobile Deposit service, which can take place from your smartphone with the First Utah Bank app. Just click on the Deposits icon on the Mobile Banking portion of our app, and then follow the easy instructions on the screen. All you have to remember is to endorse each check that is deposited.

Mobile Deposit is also available 24/7, and you will get same-day credit on your accounts if you use it before 6 p.m. MST on a day that the bank is open.

To learn more about options available for small businesses, go to our website or call First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.