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How Utah businesses can mitigate risk as they fully reopen

As if the current times haven’t been challenging enough, reopening will present a new set of questions. There are important extra steps that businesses need to take as they start their journey back from the pandemic. With phased reopenings taking place across the Beehive State, there’s a great need for decisions focused on safety of employees, and these must go beyond keeping a reasonable distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Going above and beyond, a group called Utah Leads Together 2.0 – based in the Governor’s Economic Response Task Force – has released best practices to help employers minimize risks and be well on the way to a boost in business.

One important takeaway from the past few months is that the world is going the way of online business in general. As many businesses had to make the move to online with little time for planning, they found themselves in a place they probably won’t – and shouldn’t – leave quickly. Making it easy for customers to conduct business online is only part of the equation. Businesses need to be able to conduct their own business online too. Luckily, First Utah Bank offers a banking solution that can be accessed at any time. Our online site has an easy-to-use and secure portal that makes business banking convenient and worry-free.

What to consider as the doors reopen

While there are dozens of guidelines from the Utah group, not to mention the ones being recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, Utah Business magazine worked with Utah law firm Holland and Hart to go through the list and find the ones that are the most important for businesses to consider.

Among the first steps that should be taken is to create a committee or task force or to find a coordinator who will draft and maintain a back-to-work plan and will be the go-to person for anything related to it. These valuable co-workers can go to Utah Leads Together’s website to find their guidelines but should also check with OSHA, the CDC and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to see what is available as far as guidelines go.

It’s important to speak with landlords or building management about whatever plans are drafted, and it’s also important to have a communication plan for emergencies within the company itself, with contact information brought up-to-date as needed.

When it comes to the actual plan for bringing employees back into the workplace, it’s important to make sure it is fully documented, objective and fair to everyone. This will lessen any risk for discrimination. It’s possible that some employees who are returning will need workspaces or hours that are in line with regulations from the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the newly created Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Guidelines that keep everyone safe

Here are a few more of the safety concerns the article says employers should consider. 

Draft and send a thorough return-to-work letter for anyone either coming back to office space or continuing to work from home. It should give details about current workplace practices and precautions and outline any protocols that have changed due to the pandemic.

  • Leave and accommodation policies should be updated to reflect the reopening.
  • Have a robust and detailed safety training program for the returning workforce. It should include clear instructions on what the new safety procedures are and how employees can comply.
  • Provide testing for coronavirus symptoms in the workplace. Screenings should still continue as businesses ramp back up.
  • Make sure an action plan is created just in case a co-worker gets sick or comes back with a positive test for the virus.
  • Limit non-essential business travel with a written policy that goes into detail on what can and cannot occur.

By making sure that any of “the new normal” is documented well and communicated to everyone at your business, you can feel confident that a reopening will be free of potential conflict, and the important perception of getting back to fostering progress can take place.

Bank 24/7 with online options for your Salt Lake City business

Lessening the worries of business – and yes, we know there are many – is a goal that owners of any sized endeavor want to achieve. First Utah Bank can at least solve one of your concerns and also give you the precious gift of time. Online banking can make it easy and convenient to do what you need to do to keep your business running smoothly.

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