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Online business banking and cyber security concerns

29744765 - cyber security concept, circuit board with closed padlockYou know banking security is paramount for us at First Utah Bank, but we wanted to remind you of some ways you can be more proactive in your own cyber security initiatives within your business.

Always make sure that websites you use are secure ones. Some of this is on the backend of the website, such as firewalls or hardware. Other indications that a website is secure are that it begins with https:// and that it notes it supports encryption, such as 128-bit encryption.

Likewise, avoid that free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop. It isn’t the best to use for your business or personal financial transactions. It’s easy for a random person to gain access to your information through this unsecured access.

Follow the login protocol. There is a reason some websites lock you out after multiple failed attempts at logging into a system. While it may frustrate you, know that it’s about keeping your information secure.

Make sure your passwords are hard to guess. Don’t pick words that someone with minimal information about you could figure out. Passwords shouldn’t be the same for every website, and they should include letters, numbers, symbols and capital letters. You also shouldn’t offer your password to others. As a reminder, our employees will never ask you for your password.

Also consider limiting the number of employees who have access to the banking or financial login information. Make it a protocol to review online transactions, and remind employees to log out from banking or financial sites when they leave their workstations. When employees leave your business, make sure you change logins or passwords so they aren’t tempted to continue accessing the accounts.

Want more tips? We offer further Online Security tips on our website.