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First Utah Bank is here to help you realize your dreams. It’s just that simple. Whether it’s a new car, home remodel project, a boat, or a family vacation, we have a wide array of consumer, personal, and home loan possibilities. Let our knowledgable bankers assist you in determining the right loan to meet your needs.

Auto Loans – Buying a new or used vehicle or wanting to refinance your existing loan?  We offer competitive rates and can usually process your application within 24 hours.

FirstLine Home Equity Line of Credit – Our FirstLine program allows you to access a line of credit secured by either a first or second lien on your home.  Once approved, you may use the funds any way you like, and interest is charged only on the portion of your credit line that is outstanding.  You may draw money from your loan or pay down the balance as often as you like during the 10-year term.  Financial advantages of a home equity line include:

  • Easy access to cash
  • Convenient checks provided free of charge
  • Transfer funds to your checking account using online banking
  • Attractive interest rate with longer term repayment schedule
  • Interest payments may be tax deductible (consult a tax advisor)

First ProLine Line of Credit – The business professional’s unsecured revolving line of credit tied to a FirstPro interest-bearing checking account.

  • Minimum $10,000 line; five-year maximum term
  • Monthly principal and interest payments
  • Access to funds via check, on-line, or by phone

Personal Loans – Personal loans may be unsecured or may require collateral depending on the amount you request and your credit history.  These loans can be used for many purposes and can be tailored with a number of options for repayment.