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Protecting your Utah business, and your home, from cyberattacks

While new technology means that there are hackers out there ready to breach cybersecurity, it also means there are effective techniques to combat potential attacks. Many are easily available, even free, for use by anyone.

Members of our staff subscribe to the Center for Internet Security’s monthly newsletters, and a recent article addressed family cybersecurity, although the tips certainly apply to businesses as well. We’d like to share them now with the hope that you will follow these and make both your home devices and business ones the safest they can be.

At Utah State Bank, we pride ourselves on also providing the most far-reaching security for our services to our customers. It’s part of our commitment to being your hometown bank.

The CIS newsletter points out that the increased use of technology in the home, and by children, also increases the risk for cyberattacks. “Adults can discuss with children how the digital world is a great resource, but we must remain cyber aware,” the article states. “We all should be responsible with the information we share, and the ways we explore.”

Here are a few of the tips as shared by CIS:

Make sure your software is updated

Whenever there is a chance to update software according to the manufacturer, take the extra time to do that. You can also set them to automatically update. Those updates contain new lines of security that close loopholes so hackers can’t get to your personal information.

For children’s usage, check their apps and the privacy disclosures associated with them, to make sure you know what they monitor or collect.

Using DNS filters

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it prevents devices from connecting to known ones with cybersecurity issues. Other IT companies have realized how DNS is a game-changer so they have offered several free options for home use. Check the CIS story link above for the list of those systems, which include Quad 9, OpenDNS and Cleanbrowsing.

In addition, you can set up parental controls with a DNS, so children cannot inadvertently go onto inappropriate or malicious sites.

Have the talk

It’s important to keep the discussions about cybersecurity open and honest with your kids. “Just like other issues that have the potential to harm our children, communication regarding cybersecurity is vital to keeping them safe,” the article states.

One technique you can use is to make sure they know how to spot unusual behavior on a website, and let them know it’s OK for them to tell you what they see if that happens.

Teaching children the best online etiquette can also help stem the tide of cyberattacks, so they may know how to respond in case an attack might be imminent. It’s good parenting to supervise their screen use and for you to know who they talk to and interact with.

It’s also important to talk to them about private information and to make sure they don’t give it out to anyone online. Names, addresses and phone numbers should be private.

All in all, finding ways to have that conversation with your kids about cybersecurity will ultimately make them feel secure themselves about their online use, and not afraid to take action if there is a breach.

“Cybersecurity was not something past generations of parents had to worry about when raising their children but is a big part of all our lives now,” the article concludes. “And even though we may not like all that comes with these technologies, they’re here to stay and we must teach our children how to responsibly and safely use them. Let’s give our children the foundation they need to be able to safely and securely engage in today’s connected world.”

The mobile site keeps banking secure for Utah businesses

Security is something that needs to be nurtured and developed, as implied above. One way to foster security in other facets of your life is to know you are banking with a trusted, hometown source. First Utah Bank can provide this, especially through our treasury management mobile app.

Having mobile business banking means a more flexible way to complete transactions and work go beyond just the standards of managing your money. It’s not only convenient, but with dual control, you also have the security you need to ensure your funds are always safe.

The mobile app can be an essential tool for fraud prevention, with it being easily detected and stopped all from your smartphone. There are also customized push alerts to let you know when important transactions are ready for you to approve. It also uses several layers of authentication to provide the highest security possible.

Learn more about this service — as well as business lending in Utah — by visiting our website, or by calling First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.