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Hospitality Lending

First Utah Bank understands the needs of the hospitality industry. We are a one-stop shop for construction and acquisition loans as well as Treasury Management services.

We offer Small Business Loan Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

The mission of any hotelier is to take care of the guest 24/7. What you shouldn’t have to do is worry about how you will fund your hotel construction, expansion or acquisition. With over $100 million in hotel projects funded since 2014, First Utah Bank is the leader in small business lending for the hotel and hospitality industry.

We understand the seasonality of your business and the need to diversify your revenue streams. Our team of expert bankers knows how your hotel needs to operate, as well as the needs that come with hotel development and expansion. No two hotel projects are the same, which is why we customize every loan program to fit your unique needs, and to overcome the challenges you may face along the way. First Utah Bank can help you optimize your liquidity and working capital in order to maximize your available and prospective resources for hotel financing.

First Utah Bank is a leading SBA lender for owners and operators of hotels in the Rocky Mountain region. Our expertise, cultivated through our work in a wide range of hotel and hospitality projects, allows us to offer an extensive collection of lending options for hotel owners and operators. Whether you’re interested in acquisition, ground-up construction, expansion, renovation, or refinancing, we have the solutions to meet your hospitality lending needs.

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Revenue Management

From your Average Daily Rate (ADR) to your Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), we understand the ongoing needs of hotels

We can help you grow in the Other Travel Providers (OTP) space. A loan through First Utah Bank can assist with cash flow, allowing you to succeed in OTP.


Small Business Loan Experts

We are a leading lender for hotel financing, with over $114,000,000 in loans generated since 2014. When you work with First Utah Bank, you don’t have to deal with layers of red tape; you’ll be working directly with the decision-makers who can get the deal done quickly.


Fast Approvals

Because First Utah Bank is a SBA Preferred Lender, with loan approval and closing authority, we can provide you with faster decisions, which can make all the difference in closing a deal and giving the seller confidence in your ability to close.


Loan Amounts

We specialize in small to medium-sized projects, between $1 million and $10 million.


Interest rates

We provide floating rate loans that are determined by the prevailing interest rates.



Terms range from one (1) year to 25 years with balloon payments.


Types of Loans

We offer hotel financing solutions for acquisitions, construction (ground-up and expansion), renovations, refinancing and more.

  • Equipment financing
  • Sale-leaseback financing
  • SBA 504 lending
  • SBA 7A Lending
  • USDA Lending
  • Business Credit Cards

About First Utah Bank

First Utah Bank was founded in 1978 and has proudly served the Utah  community for over 40 years. From a single office, our bank has  grown to be the largest community bank headquartered in Millcreek.  We have six locations in Salt Lake County.

First Utah Bank is a true “community bank” which means that we are  locally owned and operated. We provide timely local decision making,  customized customer solutions, and customer access to the top decision  makers in our bank. All of our associates live and work in Utah. Most  of our customers have banked with us for years and many have been  referred to us by other customers.

At First Utah Bank, we value honesty and integrity and we strive to do  more than our customers expect from a bank. We are professional in all  we do, and we view ourselves through our customers eyes and ask “how  would we like to be treated?” We value diversity in our employees and  the customers we serve, and we are proud of our community service and  of the success of our many different customers.

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