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Strong passwords are key to Utah business fund security

We live in an increasingly virtual world. With a small computer in your pocket at all times — yes, that’s your phone —it becomes paramount to think about data safety as you navigate the tools and technologies of everyday life.

This is especially true of passwords. Although it may be less convenient, having unique and strong passwords created for all of your different online or virtual tools is important to maintaining the most robust level of security.

We have some tips for you on making sure your accounts at First Utah Bank are protected. On a related note, we have some expert advice related to creating passwords in general, including best practices to ensure security. It also seems appropriate to mention that we also offer mobile banking solutions that are not only convenient but also offer security and peace of mind when it comes to your funds being safe.

Passwords and banking

First, and it may seem obvious, but if you are a customer of First Utah Bank, you should be using a different password for internet banking or treasury management than you use for any other service.

It’s also important to really think carefully about what you should use for multi-factor authentication. This means you formulate specific questions or answers about your life that would be harder for a hacker to unlock. A Q&A that can be easily guessed, such as the mascot of your high school or your current city, should be avoided. It should be something that a stranger could figure out in some way.

Being on the lookout for scams online is another way to protect your funds. Please know that a First Utah Bank employee will never ask you to provide any passwords. In fact, you should not even share you password with the bank’s employees, no matter your level your interaction.

If you believe that your password has been compromised in some way, call the bank at (801) 308-2273 or write our support department:

Complexity and security

We also recommend that you make passwords as complex as you can, and that you change them with frequency. An article on the Cybernews website goes into great detail on creating passwords. They cite five main characteristics that make for the best passwords:

  • Make them at least 12 characters long, and even longer for more security
  • Mix up your symbols, and use uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers as part of the password
  • Don’t use a memorable keyboard path, such as the often cited “qwerty”
  • Don’t base it on personal information such as nicknames, dates of birth, or even pets’ names
  • As we stated above, give each account or service you have its own unique password

Two other ideas from the article were definitely intriguing, although it will take some doing to create and possibly remember these. Then again, that’s part of the reason why they are so effective. One is to consider a passphrase, something where you pick the first letters of each word and and some numbers to make what looks like a scrambled phrase but might be easier to remember. Here’s an example we came up with: I first saw the Utah Jazz play when I was 15 years old for 10 dollars. That can translate to: I1ststUJpwIw15yrs4$10

Another idea: the dictionary method, as the article calls it. That’s where you find a random word to use by opening up that reference manual. It’s better, though, to come up with at least four random words and then string those together. Here’s an example of that: Leader, Lesson, Ballet, Quick. That can be translated to Leader%less0nBaLLet!Qu1ck?

With a little creativity — some of it even potentially fun — you can come up with some passwords that are more secure than most.

Mobile banking options for Utah businesses 

Our own mobile banking system is set up to be as secure as possible, so you can rest assured that your business funds are always in safe hands. They are also tools that make managing cash flow much easier and convenient.

A complementary service of First Utah Bank for its business customers, mobile banking makes it easy to view transactions as well as see balances and deposits for a specfic day. You can also transfer funds between accounts, access Bill Pay, and find any First Utah Bank branches or ATMs throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

It’s also a snap to use our Mobile Deposit service, which can take place from your smartphone with the First Utah Bank app. Just click on the “Deposits” icon on the Mobile Banking portion of our app, and then follow the easy instructions on the screen. All you have to remember is to endorse each check deposited.

Mobile Deposit is also available 24/7, and you will get same-day credit on your accounts if you use it before 6 p.m. MST on a day that the bank is open.

To learn more about all of our secure banking options, go to our website or call First Utah Bank at 801-308-2265.