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The crucial links between HR and employees for Utah businesses

Human Resources is a vital component of every business, big or small, driving company culture. Employees need a home base for information about company changes, benefits, and to address challenges related to employment.

Utah Business magazine recently wrote an article about the link between HR and a company’s success, and they did it in an unusual way — with a bunch of analogies. The story compares a well-oiled HR machine to blood circulation, ancient knights and cheerleading, to name a few.

Telling a different story about HR and business

The fun story in Utah Business starts with a comparison to the human body’s circulatory system. An HR department should run like blood vessels do throughout the human body, circulating what is needed to keep the body healthy and moving. For HR, communication is the lifeblood. The article states that HR can be the connector between leadership and employees, making sure that everyone understands and feels connected to company culture.

“When the executive team needs to clearly communicate the organization’s values to their employees, they should be able to trust HR to head these efforts,” the article staes. “On the flip side, when employees need to give feedback to the executives — whether they’re an intern in the mailing room or longtime senior manager — HR should be there to ensure their voices are heard and respected.”

The next analogy for the article is taken from ancient history (or Monty Python, if you like, but a lot more sincere). Knights from the world of legends were often in charge of protecting sacred objects like the Holy Grail. Similarly, HR protects and preserves company culture from threats that may compromise it, according to the article.

“Whether it’s filtering out candidates who don’t fit the culture or counseling leadership against misaligned initiatives and programs, they are always on the lookout,” the article states.

Keeping a steady beat or chant to foster business at its best

Next, the article moves on to music. The bassist and drummer in a band are in charge of tempo and rhythm, making sure their group is steady and consistent. For HR, that idea of regular cadences is important when it comes to fostering a great culture.

“Employees should expect education on company values regularly and predictably,” the article’s author writes. “Not only do these instructions remind employees of those values and guide their behavior, but when done frequently enough, they enforce the idea that those values are to be taken seriously.

Would you believe that cheerleaders have a similar role to HR? According to this article, they do, but it goes beyond another rhythm-strengthening role. In this case, just as people on the playing field sidelines pump up the crowd and the players, HR can recognize and celebrate great achievements. And they can do this by rewarding behavior that is in alignment with a company’s values. Another important consideration — make sure everyone knows what the expectations are.

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