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How can you use a personal loan?

28172354 - an underwriter writing personal loan approved on a screen.What would you like to buy that you just don’t quite have the funds for right now? Here at First Utah Bank we offer personal loans, but do you know what we mean by “personal”?

Personal loans run the gamut, from loans for a new car or truck to loans for home improvement projects. Are you paying on a bunch of credit cards with high interest rates? We can help you consolidate that debt. Want to buy a new “toy” or pay for an upcoming wedding or vacation? Let’s talk about those plans.

A personal loan can be used for almost anything. The question, however, is whether it’s a good idea to borrow for a particular expense. If a loan will help you add value to property, increase assets or add value to yourself, that may be a good reason. Expenses with short shelf lives or short-term gains, such as a vacation or wedding, may not be the best reasons for a personal loan.

We invite you to talk with us about your current personal financial needs and goals. A personal loan may be the perfect product to meet those needs and goals — but perhaps not. You can trust us to help you sort out your options, and come up with a plan that makes long-term sense.